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Jun 12

Shell Brand Evolution

A nice overview of the evolution of Shell. It's been the same more or less since the 70's.

Jan 12

Gap Logo Chaos 3/3

In the wake of 6th October 2010 soft launch of Gap’s new logo the design community went hay wire. For example a blogger called Alex organized a contest that was claimed to be completely independent from Gap. This was followed by many more and by Gaps own crowd sourcing.

The logo war continued for 6 six days only and ended with Gap’s retreat to the old logo. This was publicly labeled as the company’s defeat and the community’s victory.

By declaring the battle lost, Gap gave the customers back their logo. This might make them take a lager emotional stake in the Gap brand, as it’s now even more their Gap, than it was before.

It’s a common mistake to think that to reposition a brand one only needs to change the logo. -The product positioning needs to come first, then the logo should be the last thing. (quote Craig Smith BBC News Magazine). There is no shortcuts to a brand’s evolution…