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Aug 12

Product Design as Brand

Some brands have really understood how the product design carries the brand. The most obvious example of that is Apple.

But there is one company that has taken it further, especially when one thinks of its product portfolio: Alessi. They are brave and unique. And successful.

Some of Alessi’s over 2800 products.

Dec 11

Top 10 Tagline Mistakes.

I found this extensive and helpful list on

1. Bland – Safe and predictable appeals to no one.  Just makes your company seem generic.  Phrase it in a new way – everyone might not get it but that’s okay.   Impact a small number of people completely rather than a large number only a little bit. Think brand, not bland.

2. Imitation – Your company is different than your competition.  Illustrate that in every touch point – especially your tag.  If you look and sound just like them then your consumer is going to go straight to them.

3. Literal – Using a phrase with multiple meanings is very sticky and will cause your consumer to pause and think about it.

4. Cliché – You have to avoid words and phrases that are trendy and overused jargon.  Also avoid industry speak and any phrasing that is already claimed by another company.

5. Depressing – The tag doesn’t have to be slapstick funny but boring serious taglines don’t appeal to anyone.  Connect emotionally but don’t make them want to cut themselves.

6. UnTrue – Every touch point is making a promise to the consumer – whether you mean it to or not.  Don’t make false promises, unless you want to run them off.

7. Verbose – It doesn’t have to be just three words, but it can’t be 30.  Say it as succinctly and clearly as possible while still being catchy.

8. Self-Centered – It can’t be all about you, otherwise there is no place for your target audience. Instead, make it about them.  Let them see themselves in your tag so they can identify with your company.

9. Vetted – If you love your tagline and think its the greatest one ever the first thing you need to do is protect it.  Do your due diligence and make sure it isn’t already taken and then go through the proper steps to register it.

10. Invisible – You have a great tagline that perfectly communicates your company.  Now you have to make sure it isn’t hidden away.  Use it everywhere as a point of connection with your consumers.

Nov 11

Goodie 2 from WOW Branding, Naming Ciriteria

Once the fundamental (Brand Gates) questions are answered about your company or product you can get to the naming process. This little beautie is a step in that direction.


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Names are made great...

Nov 11

Goodie 1 from WOW Branding

This is how to create a nice and clean brand.

-CEO’s and Heads of Marketing please read and apply.

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Just go with the flow...

Sep 11

Multiple Brands

“A house of brands is like a family, each needs a role and a relationship to others.”
Jeffrey Sinclair

When a portfolio consists of more than one product one has to decide wether to create a new brand or to create a brand family. What way to choose depends on how the products correlate when it comes to target group etc. -The main issue is that one does not want to loose business when the new product is launched.

Creating sub-brands might revitalize an existing brand and help develop cathegories. The sub-brand needs to be well defined though, and have a specific positioning within the family, otherwise there’s a risk of making the actual decision making too complicated and you loose out on the whole business.

Sep 11

Brand Evolution

This visual of Fiat is revealing when it comes to brand evolution. -Sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward.

Fiat has done this face lift to put it’s brand  back on track with their original mission, to build attractive cars with exciting engines.

Jul 11

Think about this one

“Within every brand is a product, but not every product is a brand.

David Ogilvy


It’s very simple once you see it written down or hear it. To be or become The whatever means a lot of work. Both to get there and to remain there.


If you have formulated your product or brand vision this work will become much easier. So write it down and go ahead!

Jun 11

Personligt varumärke

Gränsen för när något eller någon behöver bygga varumärke blir allt suddigare. För offentliga personer som till exempel politiker är det en nödvändighet att medvetet arbeta med sitt varumärke och sitt varumärkes förlängning. Det handlar inte enbart om hur man ser ut, utan även om vad man säger, när man säger det, på vilket sätt och i vilket forum.

Jag har hittat en intressant artikel i Business Insider som är belysande just när det gäller personligt varumärke. Gå in och titta och läs på:

Jun 11


Vi är stolta över att få ha bidragit med denna idé till Stockholms stadsbild.