Nov 12

Good Old Neville…

Neville Brody and typography = magic

Oct 12

Get Seriously Inspired!


Sep 12

The Meaning of Colours

This is a beautifully made chart of the meaing of colours in different cultures. You can order it and see it in full scale on:


Aug 12

Living the Brand Really…

We’ll just have to mention Lady Gaga here. Right? She’s living her brand no doubt about it.

Aug 12

Living the Brand

If you do a google search on ‘brand’ what you get is mostly logotypes. If you widen the search to ‘design as brand’ you get more logotypes, some consultancies and tips on ‘designing a brand’.

If you do a search on ‘living the brand’ you get books and scientific research material. Highly interesting stuff but I am amazed that the gap between design and brand is so wide.

In my opinion brand and design is interlaced. And living the brand is not really complicated.

To live the brand you need dedication. -Dedication to the company idea and vision. Having the strenght to do whatever you do thoroughly: the design work, recruitment, training, communication, leadership. If all parts move in the same direction you will have a strong living brand. It’s as easy as that but you have to work with it everyday.

Aug 12

Product Design as Brand

Some brands have really understood how the product design carries the brand. The most obvious example of that is Apple.

But there is one company that has taken it further, especially when one thinks of its product portfolio: Alessi. They are brave and unique. And successful.

Some of Alessi’s over 2800 products.

Jun 12

Shell Brand Evolution

A nice overview of the evolution of Shell. It's been the same more or less since the 70's.

Jun 12

What is Good Branding?

Branding is not just exposure. –Being seen or heard of. Branding goes further than that.

Brand strength is three dimensional. The dimensions are:

DIFFERENTIATION: What we stand for is different from others

RELEVANCE: What we stand for is important to people

REACH: A lot of (for us relevant) people know about us

When one sees it like this, it’s quite self explanatory. If you take away one or two of the dimensions the brand will fail. And not only the brand but also the sales.

Mar 12

Internal Brand Experience

“You can’t tell people they’re working for a great company, they have to experience it,”

Di McDonald, former director of culture, learning & development at 3

Mar 12

A thought…

Branding is reputation. It’s not a logo or corporate colours. A brand is actually determined by everthing it does and says. It’s as simple as that… And that’s the hard part. It’s so easy to say and do the wrong things.

GAP rebranding is an excellent example of doing the wrong thing. With a huge effort they managed to rectify their mistake though. (see earlier posts on GAP) What it cost them we can only imagine…