B2B/B2C Branding & Simplicity. Meaty Stuff.

Read this really meaty article on branding and simplicity when it comes to B2B and B2C. It’s written by Valerie Tan, Head of Digital Marketing (Global) at Dropmyemail.

One example is purchase motivation. In B2C businesses, the buyer is typically the end user in B2C, but that is not the case in B2B setups. This leads to vastly different sales cycles and marketing messaging.

B2C requires the traditional approach of convincing the user on the benefits of owning the product. It usually involves mass messaging and a single step to minimize e-commerce drop-off.

Meanwhile, the purchasing process in B2B is much longer, requiring several consultative discussions and sometimes bespoke work that lasts many months. The B2B approach is also more complex due to having multiple consideration parties (end users, influencers, and decision makers).

But while B2C and B2C marketing may look vastly different, both involve the same basic concepts: Customer Satisfaction and Cognitive Fluency.

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