Gap Logo Chaos 2/3

When I first saw the new Gap logo I thought this must be a joke. So was not the case. Looking into the matter I understood that my reaction wasn’t unique in any way. :-)

I’m still not sure wether the whole affair wasn’t a clever PR trick to create an awareness of the brand and upgrade it’s fading popularity. Time might tell.

The reason behind it all was that the company had changed so much and there was a wish to align the logo with the new, modern company.

On October the 6th the soft launch took place on their website without previous external communication. The logo war began immediately on Facebook, twitter, internet magazines and websites. After 6 days of battle the community won and the company retrieved their old logo.

I found this well written article on which gives a good overall view on the case:

My next post will be about the logo contests and Gap’s own use of crowd sourcing that took place in the wake of Oct the 6th.

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