December, 2011

Dec 11

Top 10 Tagline Mistakes.

I found this extensive and helpful list on

1. Bland – Safe and predictable appeals to no one.  Just makes your company seem generic.  Phrase it in a new way – everyone might not get it but that’s okay.   Impact a small number of people completely rather than a large number only a little bit. Think brand, not bland.

2. Imitation – Your company is different than your competition.  Illustrate that in every touch point – especially your tag.  If you look and sound just like them then your consumer is going to go straight to them.

3. Literal – Using a phrase with multiple meanings is very sticky and will cause your consumer to pause and think about it.

4. Cliché – You have to avoid words and phrases that are trendy and overused jargon.  Also avoid industry speak and any phrasing that is already claimed by another company.

5. Depressing – The tag doesn’t have to be slapstick funny but boring serious taglines don’t appeal to anyone.  Connect emotionally but don’t make them want to cut themselves.

6. UnTrue – Every touch point is making a promise to the consumer – whether you mean it to or not.  Don’t make false promises, unless you want to run them off.

7. Verbose – It doesn’t have to be just three words, but it can’t be 30.  Say it as succinctly and clearly as possible while still being catchy.

8. Self-Centered – It can’t be all about you, otherwise there is no place for your target audience. Instead, make it about them.  Let them see themselves in your tag so they can identify with your company.

9. Vetted – If you love your tagline and think its the greatest one ever the first thing you need to do is protect it.  Do your due diligence and make sure it isn’t already taken and then go through the proper steps to register it.

10. Invisible – You have a great tagline that perfectly communicates your company.  Now you have to make sure it isn’t hidden away.  Use it everywhere as a point of connection with your consumers.

Dec 11

As Simple as That.

“I am irresistible, I say, as I put on my designer fragrance. I am a merchant banker, I say, as I climb out of my BMW. I am a juvenile lout, I say, as I pour an extra strong lager, I am handsome, I say, as I put on my Levi jeans” – John Kay

-That’s what branding do.


Dec 11

Gap Logo Chaos 2/3

When I first saw the new Gap logo I thought this must be a joke. So was not the case. Looking into the matter I understood that my reaction wasn’t unique in any way. :-)

I’m still not sure wether the whole affair wasn’t a clever PR trick to create an awareness of the brand and upgrade it’s fading popularity. Time might tell.

The reason behind it all was that the company had changed so much and there was a wish to align the logo with the new, modern company.

On October the 6th the soft launch took place on their website without previous external communication. The logo war began immediately on Facebook, twitter, internet magazines and websites. After 6 days of battle the community won and the company retrieved their old logo.

I found this well written article on which gives a good overall view on the case:

My next post will be about the logo contests and Gap’s own use of crowd sourcing that took place in the wake of Oct the 6th.

Dec 11

Gap’s change of logo chaos 2010 1/3

I’ll dig into the chaos that Gap’s rebranding created for 6 days in October 2010. If you have missed it, this is what they presented in a so called soft launch at their web site:

Ugly little dude to the left.

Dec 11

Brand Extension Tool Goodie from Savvy&Victor

Joanna Allen, CD at Savvy&Victor, use this model to help clients evaluate and determine the direction of a brand extension into a new category e.g a new product or service. I mainly aims to establish the core capability of the existing brand to give the clients a competitive edge within their new area of development. It also incorporates the audience perspective, which often can be quite different to the organisations. Gerber Singles is an exellent proof of that.

Joanna Allen BEX Tool

Dec 11

Extreme Brand Extension…

I did know about Virgin and that Virgin has several subbrands. When I found this pic on the blog Ideas Inspiring Innovation I was overwhelmed though. I will do some research on how many of these brands actually exists today.

Virgin logos en masse

Dec 11

Brand extension failure no 1

Baby food for adults. Naah, not working...

GERBER SINGLES by baby-food manufacturer Gerber is one of the most frequently referenced brand failures of all times. Gerber’s attempt to extend into adult food market definately belong in the brandning Hall of Shame.

The idea was to create small servings of food for single adults in the same jars as used for baby food. When the range was launched the company discovered that eating for example ‘Beef Burgundy’ out of a baby food jar was not what most people considered  a good night in…

The name it self indicates ‘I live Alone and Eat My Meals From a Jar’, to qoute Susan Casey (October 2000 issue of Business 2.0).

I have not found any comments from Gerber on whether the product was market researched or not. It failed spectacularly though.

This is a typical case of inside-out thinking. Gerber had the set up for production and decided to launch a new product line without a least bit of consumer knowledge or insight.


Dec 11

Best Experience Brands

I found this report on It’s quite extensive but still useful and formulates good brand arguments.

BEST EXPERIENCE BRANDS reports the topline findings of quantitative and qualitative research conducted in late 2011 among consumers in the US, UK, Asia and Australia. This research strongly endorses the view that the brands that will lead in the 21st century will be experience brands – that is, brands that invest in building and continually improving how people experience and interact with them as a point of differentiation from competitors and a reason for consumers to become customers and advocates. This view is proven out in the following topline findings:

  • Having a unique experience with a brand is important in determining purchase
  • Two in five consumers would pay more for a brand that offers a unique experience
  • BEST EXPERIENCE BRANDS also highlights the “experience drivers” that brands can adjust based on their audience and industry sector

READ the full report on:


Dec 11

Försäljning och bygga varumärke samtidigt, går det?

Ja, det gör det förstås. Läs bara denna artikel från SvD Näringsliv och låt er inspireras.

Dec 11

On the importance of Emotional Branding

I found this quite interesting article on emotional branding on In short: an engaging brand will give loyal and active consumers and that makes the difference in a fickle world.