September, 2011

Sep 11

Multiple Brands

“A house of brands is like a family, each needs a role and a relationship to others.”
Jeffrey Sinclair

When a portfolio consists of more than one product one has to decide wether to create a new brand or to create a brand family. What way to choose depends on how the products correlate when it comes to target group etc. -The main issue is that one does not want to loose business when the new product is launched.

Creating sub-brands might revitalize an existing brand and help develop cathegories. The sub-brand needs to be well defined though, and have a specific positioning within the family, otherwise there’s a risk of making the actual decision making too complicated and you loose out on the whole business.

Sep 11

Most knowledge wins

‘A global brand-building strategy is, in reality, a local plan for every market.’ Martin Lindstrom, Clicks, Bricks & Brands

It’s no longer possible not to adapt to local markets to become global. Most markets won’t just buy the ‘American Way’ or whatever… ‘What’s in it for me’ needs to be formulated again and again and again. This means that the more knowledge you have of your markets, the better you should be able to perform. If not, look into your knowledge again…

Sep 11

Brand Evolution

This visual of Fiat is revealing when it comes to brand evolution. -Sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward.

Fiat has done this face lift to put it’s brand  back on track with their original mission, to build attractive cars with exciting engines.